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Practice Areas
Practice Areas


I am “The Stop Foreclosure Attorney” Ernest B. Fenton.  It is my passion to represent clients who are in foreclosure.  To that end, I negotiate with your bank to modify the terms of your existing mortgage (i.e., a reduction in your interest rate or additional time to make payments) and pursue legal remedies to your problem.  In many instances, I will file a lawsuit against the bank if you are in...

Real Estate

The Law Office of Ernest B. Fenton (LOEBF) has in-depth experience in virtually every type of real estate matters. We represent developers, owners, purchasers, lessors, lessees, and brokers in transactions involving retail and commercial spaces.  We provide the creative and practical advice needed to assist you in matters such as:   Buyers and Sellers Land Trusts Purchasing, selling, optioning and leasing commercial and industrial properties Negotiating...

Land Trust

A Land Trust is a simple, inexpensive method for handling the ownership of real estate that was created to provide various benefits to property owners.  Whether you own a single family home or multiple parcels of real estate, have a mortgage on your property or not, you can take advantage of holding your property in trust.  The benefits of a land trust include:       Privacy. In today’s information age, anyone with an internet connection can look up your...

Estate Planning

The term estate planning covers a wide spectrum of legal instruments and services, all aimed at protecting, preserving, and distributing assets in accordance with a person's wishes.  No two situations will ever be exactly the same, and therefore, special attention to detail is required.   The Law Office of Ernest B. Fenton (LOEBF) provides estate...

Business Services

The Law Office of Ernest B. Fenton (LOEFB) counsels businesses across a range of industries and of all sizes.  Our competitive advantage is our ability to provide practical and personalized business solutions.  Whether you’re a start-up or a mature company the demands of business are dynamic and often times over-whelming.  Consequently, our objective is to be more than legal advisors; our objective is to partner with our clients and add value to their organization....


Bankruptcy is a legal process in which consumers and businesses can eliminate or repay some or all of their debt under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court. Under a Chapter 7 filing your debt will be completely eliminated. However, there are certain income qualifications that have to be met in order to qualify for a Chapter 7....